17 Reasons to Use Cork and Recycle Cork Stoppers

17 Reasons to Use Cork and Recycle Cork Stoppers

Seventeen reasons to use cork and recycle cork stoppers


Seventeen reasons to use cork and recycle cork stoppers:

1 - Do not cut trees - The cork is harvested from the cork, no tree is laid down to use this natural product. On the contrary, the economic activity resulting from the extraction of cork guarantees the interest of preservation of cork oak and of all associated forest. In choosing the cork we also chose the forest.

2 - Carbon retention - The cork retains around 4.8 gCO2, but if we take into account that each cork also reflects the CO2 retained in the forest that remains alive, it can be said that in each cork are retained 112 gCO2.

3 - Living nature, living interior - Corks generate about 70% of the added value of cork. This contribution is fundamental in maintaining an ecosystem that incorporates an effective barrier against environmental and social desertification.

4 - Biodiversity - The ecosystem of the cork oak forest is an ecosystem of the Mediterranean hot spot, the richest in biodiversity in Europe.

5 - Renewable - After about 30 years until the cork is removed the first time (cork oak), every 9 years cork can be extracted from cork oak. Each cork tree lives on average 150 to 200 years, which means that cork can be removed about 50 times.

6 - Recyclable - Cork stoppers are already recycled. From this process are produced, among others, building materials and for industries such as the automobile, aerospace and fashion.

7 - Reusable - Even before being recycled, after leaving the bottle, the cork stopper can be handcrafted and take a rustic and natural look to the costume jewelry, decoration, festivities, etc.

8 - 100% Biodegradable - nothing is wasted in the cork, everything is transformed, the cork decomposes and returns to feed the soil with nutrients.

9 - Fire resistant - Cork is a natural barrier to fires. Cork trees can withstand a fire more easily than another tree that is not autochthonous.

10 - Quality - Cork as a natural product that adapts to environmental conditions, ensures the highest quality and longevity in wine conservation.

11 - Natural - For a natural product, a natural seal.

12 - Celebration - The sound of extracting a natural cork is a symbol of quality and celebration.

13 - We undress the trees and wear them - With creativity and design it is already possible to use this natural material with countless qualities to wear our houses, cars, meters, wardrobes, etc.

14 - Cork is lightweight - which allows it to be used with enormous advantages, especially in transport.

15 - Impermeable to liquids and gases - cork coming from nature can be used in several products that need these qualities.

16 - Elastic and compressible - which allows for great adaptability and resistance.

17 - Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation - being therefore used in the coating of houses for the maintenance of temperature and as a sound barrier.


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