"Love Art, Make a Lamp"

"Love Art, Make a Lamp"

When we come across something we LOVE, it's definitely a must that we share.  We recently came across this company Urban Lampscapes.  A brand that was born from a lifelong passion of photography and travel.  George and Joe take photography to the next level by transforming their memories and yours into a designer masterpiece. 

We would give you more insight, but would rather you check out their stunning gallery of Urban Lampscapes. 

 This is an example of a shot taken in the streets of Lisbon, where graffiti is frequently seen on old rustic homes that have been abandoned or in the process of being rebuilt.

Product Information: Eco-friendly, printed with a special raised ink that is fade and water-resistant. Made with durable polycarbonate material, with small-perforated coating and a smooth reflective coat on the other side. Urban Lampscapes lamps are to be used with only eco-friendly LED bulb.



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