Our Values

Where Nature Meets Luxury©  The most beautiful things in the world are found in nature.

Grown in the gliding plains of Portugal, cork is beautiful, durable and sustainable. Rok Cork has harnessed this natural treasure and transformed it into timeless luxury.

Rok Cork is an emerging purveyor of eco-friendly, fashion forward collections of cork handbags and accessories for both men and women. Designed in-house each piece is handmade by generations of Portuguese artisans with a time honoured commitment to quality and exquisite craftsmanship. The classic and on-trend styles are married with the longevity of cork meaning each piece is a statement you can enjoy for years to come.

"We take great pride that every one of our items exemplifies an unparalleled craftsmanship appreciated by our clients. Fashion is no longer about a name, but rather unique quality pieces that enable men and women to confidently express their passions and personal brands.” Elizabeth, CEO

Our Mission

Provide clients and retail partners an optimal experience in customer service, by offering fashion forward accessories that are ethically manufactured, sustainable, and driven by style, quality, functionality and value.  

Sustaining the Cork Trees, one bag at a time. 


Our Core Values 

Community of Trust

Respect the individual


Motivate team members personally and professionally

Foster healthy and happy work environment



Unlike mass produced brands, our pieces are designed in-house, taking into consideration every detail and finishing, to make our accessories a staple in every sophisticated shopper’s wardrobe.  We design timeless, elegant pieces by combining on trend colours and textures.  


Rok Cork understands that ethically-minded shoppers face limited options in the market. Rok Cork accessories are manufactured in small, family-run workshops, where employees are treated with respect, enjoy excellent working conditions, and are paid above fair wage levels. Every step of the manufacturing process is artisanal and uses only high-quality materials.  Rok Cork is PETA APPROVED.



Rok Cork has a dual mission of becoming a key factor in the sustainability of cork fields in Portugal (home to inumerous wildlife habitats) and aiding the declining economy there. As well as providing continuous employment for the artisanal families who make our products, Rok Cork does not deplete natural or social resources. In fact, the production techniques used to make our products are beneficial to both the environment and local populations.  Our vendors engage in production methods that minimize negative impact on the environment.  Our materials are ethically sourced and manufactured falling in line with our Ethics and dedication to social responsibility.    A simple approach to creating honest and sustainable employment opportunities to the local artisans.


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