What about Cork?

Today we wanted to address some of the more frequent questions we receive through email, at shows, social media etc.

1) We heard there was a shortage of cork?  

With Portugal being the world's largest cork manufacturer and with it being a regulated industry there never was a shortage of cork.  This rumor came from the wine industry choosing to utilize twist caps instead of the cork stoppers, but as the saying goes, some things happen for a reason, and we like to think it was a blessing in disguise, where all the cork producers found themselves with excess cork bark, they had to come up with a way to keep the sustainability of the industry and hence the Cork fabric was born. 

2) How does Cork wear in terms of durability?

I always like to answer this question by saying "Ask my best friend Didi" who I can honestly tell you is a bag killer, that girl carries her bag everywhere, throws it on the floor, on the back seat of the car, doesn't matter where or how.   She purchased the Angela Hobo in black in August 2014, a year later and that bag looks more beautiful than ever, it has softened over the year and molded to her body, just like a good quality leather bag, and fine port wine (as we portuguese like to refer to many things) it reflects the true characteristics and natural beauty of cork. 

3) How to clean and maintain cork?

Unlike it's comparable leather, cork is easily maintained, with it being a natural material, even the cleaning process is a natural one.  Using a soft damp cloth and mild detergent or even a gently baby wipe, gently scrub off the dirt and let it air dry.  

We always recommend at the first sign of dirt, gently clean it, this will prolong you bags life and keep the true beauty of cork alive. 

 4) Are the bags brittle and rough like a cork bottle stopper?

We agree this is mind boggling, to even imagine a cork handbag or accessory, that could easily break or crumble at the touch is not very appealing is it?

But we can assure you, it's the complete opposite:  we use this analogy, close your eyes and imagine touching a soft velvety piece of fabric, or those 70's corduroy jeans, which are very in right now, with it's soft ridges, would you get splinters from those, no right? well there you have it, you get the drift..cork fabric is that soft and smooth, and we can assure you with our bags you will not get splinters.  

 As always we love getting emails with questions.  So  if you have any curiosity about Cork, drop us a line. Think of us as the "dear Abby" of cork.

Talk to you soon.









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