Let your Pet Rok Cork

Treat your best friend to a one of a kind Cork Collar.

as we become more in tune to living a healthy lifestyle, why shouldn't our pets do the same.  After all they are an extension of our family.  They are always there for you with that welcoming stare, always ready to play, and certainly they will make you forget if your day did not go as planned.  Always giving the best of them to us on a daily basis.

I have a 10 month old pug Sr. Winston Montgomery, named by my 11 yr old niece who when she was a baby could not sleep without her pug stuffed animal, who coincidentally looked like Winston, those bulging eyes, the fawn fur, the wrinkles and the pudgy look, So cute! 

So what better way to celebrate our love for the animals, but to provide them with a one of kind unique dog collar, it's lightweight, odourless, eco-friendly.  But what makes these collars extra special - my dad makes them for us, so I can attest to the love and detail that goes into these items, an extension of love for my Winston and all other loved pets out there.

They come in natural and dark brown, and are custom made to the measurements of your dog's neck.  

Pre-Order yours today...and meet Winston




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