Rok Cork New Collection Spring/Summer 2014

We are so excited for this years spring/summer collection.  Wouldn't you agree that we need some colour in our lives?  It's been a brutal winter in Canada and the US. and it doesn't seem to want to go away.   

But hang in there, only a few weeks to go, and then it's all about the pinks, the greens, the magentas, the reds, these colours will surely cheer you up.  Now vision pairing a stunning Cork bag with matching sandals, and you are ready for a lazy afternoon on the patio, a stroll by the lake, or a girls day out shopping, any event is a great opportunity to show off these unique one of a kind Fashion Accessories.   Cork is becoming the new leather, what a wonderful eco-friendly sustainable material we can all enjoy while making a positive change for generations to come.

Our motto at Rok-Cork ..sustaining the world one bag at a time.  

Until next time keep warm


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