What's in your Rok Cork handbag?

What's in your Rok Cork handbag?

Did you know that we design our Cork handbags with you in mind? We always ask ourselves, what do women want and look for in a handbag, and most importantly - how big or small should it be, and how versatile should we make it? Because let's face it, do we really want to be changing handbags every time we need to go out, either to run an errand, pick up our children at school, go grocery shopping?  As busy women our time is already so tight, that our handbag needs to be our best friend.  

So this week we picked the CARMINDA CORK HANDBAG.


We love this bag for it's design - it's minimalistic, sleek and chic.  The size is perfect, and fits all type of body shapes.  The handles are comfortable and fit with ease on the shoulders, not digging into them.  

On the inside you have these amazing compartments - 1 large middle one with zippered closing, which makes it perfect to take a laptop, files, notebook, wallet, make up case and your lunch.  Then on each side you have another open pocket, which you can't even tell they're there.  These will be perfect for the winter where you can carry your gloves, car keys, iphone, earmuffs, and access them quickly.  In the other pocket you can carry your spare pair of shoes.  

But you also have an exterior zippered pocket that's deep and large enough to carry your phone if you wish, your metropass, or your lip balm to quickly apply.  

Now think about how versatile this bag is?  

1) Work chic office handbag

2) Mommy playdate or field trip

3) Supermarket run for quick dinner fix

4) Healthy lifestyle - Yoga class 

Let us know how you would make use of this stunning bag? 


 Cork handbag in black cork with interior compartmentsCork purse in blue cork office wear Cork handbags in natural brown or blue cork

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