Visiting Lisbon - Breathtaking Tile Facades | Rok Cork

It's no secret that we live and breathe our beautiful country of Portugal.  And with every opportunity we have we will bring you the best places to eat, visit, sleep.  Think of Rok Cork as your travel guide for your dream trip to Portugal. So that when you arrive you will feel as if you have been there already.

Today we start our journey with the most beautiful Tile Facades in Lisbon, where we have taken inspiration for our custom lining used in all of our handbags.  Enjoy!

Patterned tiles, produced in the mid-to-late 1800s, cover thousands of buildings in Lisbon. The variety of colors and designs on the streets of the Portuguese capital is part of the city’s identity, and there’s always at least one small panel on every corner. The most striking examples are inside the palaces and churches, but there are also true works of art on the façades. Here are the ten most extraordinary examples.

Azulejos, Lisboa


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