Uses For Cork In Your Home -

Uses For Cork In Your Home -

Courtesy of ElleDecoration - 

The Cork Age: 3 Crucial Uses For Cork In Your Home

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Move over timber, there is a new kid on the block. Introducing the cork age, one of the most sustainable materials out there. Given its remarkable adaptability and durability, cork is quickly becoming the new wundermaterial. DECO investigates its many uses.

The cork tree produces cork for harvest every nine years, growing naturally in massive groups and unlike timber, it is never harmed or chopped down. It is 100% natural, recyclable and harvested safely off the Cork Oak tree.

For a decor insight, DECO spoke to Joaquim Sá, managing director of Amorim Cork South Africa which holds the amazing Corkcomfort Range by Wicanders. ELLE Decoration got the lowdown from Joaquim on the ways in which cork can be implemented in the building of our living and working spaces.



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