The 6 Stages of the Cork Harvesting Process

Tracy Chisholm

Posted on January 03 2018

Ever wonder exactly how the Cork harvesting takes place?  Today we share with you.  

Courtesy of APCOR.

 No matter how much time goes by, how many bags we design, one thing never gets old, and that's the remarkable process of how the Cork bark is harvested.  We come across so many people that join our passion for this incredible gift from mother nature.  At Rok Cork we harness the natural beauty of the Cork and transform it into something incredible that can be shared with you, through our gorgeous selections of handbags, backpacks, wallets, crossobody. 

Check out below the 6 stages , as always we are here to answer any questions or curiosities you may have. 


Innovation is key to continuously harvest and utilize Cork in different uses:  be it industrial, technology, fashion, home, etc.  Cork is the way of the future for sustainability and alternative materials. 








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