Love the Jeannie Medium Cork Tote/Backpack

Love the Jeannie Medium Cork Tote/Backpack

New Arrival:

The Jeannie Medium Cork Tote/Backpack is one of our new stars this Spring.  We listened to our customers through a poll, and asked "if you could design a handbag  what would it look like"?  Needless to say we were overwhelmed by the amazing responses received.  The Jeannie was already in it's baby stages, so it was a matter of tweaking the design to satisfy the most discerning Rok Cork customer. 

The Jeannie has that perfect profile, not too big, not too small, nice feminine shape, minimal design, and incredibly practical.  We also love it because it's lightweight, fabulously stylish, and the option to convert from a tote to a backpack makes it a must have for our busy lifestyles. 

Although it might look small, we had to show you what we fit in there prior to travelling. 

  • full size book
  • 2 bottles of water
  • full size wallet
  • some snacks
  • glass holder case
  • passport
  • boarding pass
  • full size iphone 6 in slot 
  • full size tylenol bottle 

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