How does Cork handle itself in the Winter Months?

Throughout the month we receive many questions on the behavior, characteristics of Cork.  So it's our pleasure to start a monthly series of picking the most asked question and publish the answer here on our Blog. 

This month and because we are in the middle of winter, although with these temperatures it feels like we are back in Portugal, we received this great question.

"How does cork handle itself in the winter months?"

1) Cork is absolutely amazing to wear in the winter.

2) It's natural characteristic of being waterproof, make a cork purse fantastic for those winter snowy days, the snow will glide right off the cork bag. 

3) It's easy to clean, no matter how much slush, or dirt, once you get home simply wipe the cork bag with a soft damp cloth and mild detergent, or even a baby wipe and it comes right off, let it air dry and the next morning your cork handbag is as good as new.

4) Lightweight - it's bad enough we have to wear all those heavy winter coats, especially in colder climates like ours in Canada,  a cork purse that's easy on the shoulders is great. 

5) Gorgeous interior space, all of our cork purses, handbags, although they might look small on the outside, you will be blown away by the generous interior space, our cork purses will definitely carry all your essentials and more. 

If there's any questions or concerns you would like to ask us on Cork, please do not hesitate.

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Until then, Rok Cork with us! 




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