Cork Leather or Cork Fabric?

Some call it Cork fabric others Cork leather, either way this organic material is a high quality fabric produced from thin cork shavings obtained directly from the bark of the cork oak tree. and then adhered to a cotton/polyester backing in order to make it strong enough to be manipulated.  Much of the production is hand crafted - from the initial harvesting by specialized trades to the final preparation of the Cork fabric. The innovative characteristics of cork fabric are unique and original.

  • Soft to the touch and pleasant to the sight
  • Environmentally friendly and ecological in all aspects
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Long lasting
  • Durable as leather, versatile as fabric
  • Waterproof and stain resistant
  • Dust, dirt, and grease repellent
  • Hypo allergenic 
  • Anti-bacterial 

Cork fabric is available in a unique assortment of natural textures, patterns, and designs which makes each Cork handbag one of a kind, each with its own personality. 


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