Nature Trails that will leave you breathless!

Nature Trails that will leave you breathless!

No doubt that Portugal has so many amazing activities and hidden adventures to be discovered.  Today we're featuring Passadicos de Paiva, one of the fastest growing MUST DO activities for the locals in their staycations. But also becoming hugely popular as a tourist destination, who want to be one with nature, and maybe just maybe, use this adventure as their own gauge for "creating and achieving a personal challenge" because as you read below you will attest that it's not an easy journey. 

If you dare, check out on their link for some breathtaking fotos and courageous adventurers.



Paiva Walkways are located on the left bank of the Paiva River, in Arouca municipality, Aveiro, Portugal. They are 8 km that provide a walk "untouched", surrounded by unique beauty of landscapes, in an authentic natural sanctuary along the brave waters downhills, quartz crystals and endangered species in Europe. The route extends from the river beaches of Areinho and Espiunca, lying between them, the Vau beach. A journey through biology, geology and archeology that will remain, of course, in heart, soul and in mind of any nature lover.

Come to visit us and meet also the remaining territory Arouca Geopark recognized by UNESCO as a Geological Heritage of Humanity.



Departure: Areinho / Espiunca
Distance to Go: 8700m (linear)
Average Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Difficulty Level: Hard
Gaps: Accented
Type of Route: Small Route
Scope: Sports, Culture, Environment and Landscape
Advised Season: All the Year



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