This is my story,

 "We believe that if everyone makes small changes on a daily basis those changes can have a major impact on the environment for generations to come. With our eco friendly and sustainable handbags, you can create a better world and do it in style. This is our journey and contribution by:

"Sustaining the World one Cork bag at a time"


Every year I travel back home to enjoy the beautiful climate, see family and friends, and feast on the mouthwatering culinary treats.  But it wasn't until 2013 when a friend of mine took me to Sintra and showed me all these little gift shops with their amazing selection of Cork products, that I became familiar with Cork being a versatile material.  At that particular moment something inside me came alive and right away I knew this is what my next journey would promote my country abroad, provide economic growth and bring something beautiful to mainstream fashion by combining the natural beauty and sustainability of cork into something truly extraordinary. 

Each piece is personally designed by myself, always keeping in check what women need and appreciate in a well made handbag.  After all, we know how empowering we feel when carrying a beautiful piece of arm candy.  My main vision is to bring classic shapes to life with playful colors and textures season after season, but never compromising on quality or functionality.  Each bag was inspired by someone I met along the way, you will notice that all of my handbags have a name, making our products extra special, and close to the heart.  Each of the bags are reflective of that person's personality and how they touch my heart day in and day out.  My daughters, my nieces, my friends, and my customers, we all have a story to tell.  

As well, along this journey I have my mentor, my best friend, my dad, who turned 71 this year, his craftsmanship from being a shoemaker since he was 12, has been key in Rok Cork's success, ensuring that the materials we source are of the highest quality available in the market.  Bringing to life our vision of combining quality, style, value, letting our customers always be fashionable and on trend. 

I am grateful and blessed for having a great team behind me supporting me every step of the way, and nothing is more fullfilling than being able to give back to our community.  We proudly support some of the finest organizations out there:

WWF - World Wild Fund

NEDIC - National Eating Disorders Institute

CHEO - Children's Hospital of Ottawa

Yorktown Women's Shelter 

Boo2Bullying - Los Angeles 

Hospital for Sick Children - Toronto

Seniors Aid Society - Toronto


Thank you to my family, loving husband Paulo, and beautiful daughters Patricia and Nicole, and my sweet puppy pug Winston, who lights up my life everyday when the going gets tough.








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