Cork Patio/Indoor Stool




Designers Dream - Solid cork stool

Have you seen anything so cool? 

This cutie is solid cork throughout. Carefully handcrafted with precision and craftsmanship.  This is the perfect addition to any outdoor space, use it as a sitting stool, a side table, a foot rest.   This oversized cork is perfect for the stylish, eco-conscious wine enthusiast.

You can kick back with a glass of wine and save the planet at the same time!

We are certain you will find great use for it.  And remember it's water repellent so go ahead leave it outside. 

As this is a custom made product please note delivery takes 4-5 weeks in the event we run out of stock.  But worth the wait!

Cork is easy to care for.

Simply use a soft damp cloth with mild detergent and rub gently, let air dry.  If you notice dirt is very ingrained, especially in the natural cork colour - repeat the process. 

Our cork is of premium quality, so cleaning it will not scratch or tear the cork. 

Alternatively an eco friendly gentle baby wipe or make up remover works as well.  

Check out the video