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The CARMINHO mini crossbody bag is a statement-making accessory that not only will look great on you, but it's super functional and versatile.  Don't let the size fool you, this little gem is small but mighty. With a generous interior and top zipper closure it will give you the security and function to hold all your essentials. 
A generous percentage of this bag will go towards raising funds for an extensive and expensive treatment which will help CARMINHO walk again one day. 


Arriving Dec. 2

Meet Carminho, this sweet 3 year old little girl born healthy and strong, has been fighting for her life since she was 5 months old, when frequent out of the blue infant seizures led to a diagnosis of West Syndrome.

A Neurological disorder, which causes:

Abnormal muscle tone at birth.


Floppy baby.

Subtle staring/unresponsive episodes.

Slow language and/or motor skills.

Decrease in developmental milestones.

Carminho lives in Portugal, and since July her family and friends have been collecting any type of bottle caps that can be sold to be recycled into all sorts of re-usable items. Something that is common in Portugal.

The goal is to raise 6,000 euros = approx. $10,000 dollars, for her extensive and long treatment, which will allow her to one day be able to walk and lead a self sufficient life. A total of 23 Tons of bottle caps is needed, which you can imagine is a lot of caps.

Back in August we held a low key campaign amongst our friends and family and with the help of those who selflessly donated we are able to contribute the equivalent of 3 Tons - it made a difference but we thought we could and should do more. Together we can make a difference in someone's life.

Pre-Order yours today, and be part of Carminho's journey. 



Top zipper closing

Removable and adjustable shoulder strap

Large open pocket

Side zipper pocket

Designated Sunglass pocket

Protective bottom feet

Custom Rok Cork Lining

Measurements: 8' x 8' x 4' approx. 


Cork is easy to care for.

Simply use a soft damp cloth with mild detergent and rub gently, let air dry.  If you notice dirt is very ingrained, especially in the natural cork colour - repeat the process. 


Our cork is of premium quality, so cleaning it will not scratch or tear the cork. 


Alternatively an eco friendly gentle baby wipe or make up remover works as well.  


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